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If you want to listen cool authentic music from Cape Town

Sometimes, just sometimes you can come across a night secret concert at Clifton 2 ( very famous beach ). And you can hear some great guys called “Hot Water”. They are playing really cool local modern music and that’s why we want to recommend them in our blog :) In case of Capetonian sickness buy […]

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Why Val Ways ?

With Val ways you get excellent value for money. Our company has striven to provide excellent value without jeopardizing high standards since inception, the policy of the company has been to develop and improve an organization suited to dealing with small groups. Customer care, standards, professionalism, personalized service and customer satisfaction has been our standards […]

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Welcome to Cape Town!!

  Situated at the continent’s southern tip, Cape Town is known as South Africa’s “Mother City”. Relatively small by world standards, it is a modern and metropolitan city with attractive buildings, thoroughfares and shops. It is also the country’s oldest city, used from the 1600s as a halfway station between the Netherlands and the Far […]

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